The generations we are right now many youngsters have engaged themselves in drug abuse, most of them think by using them they benefit in a way or another. I being one of them used to think that I was gaining but I came to realize that they were only damaging my health by day and I had to put a halt to it. it hurts me seeing young and energetic guys of my age and even below my age use this stuff am sure some know but others ignore, like in the ghetto. I came from this is the major issue and actually no one bothers about the other and even security forces have gotten a way of getting there extra daily bread out of all these not even thinking that them too are parents. There’s a club known as GAZA it’s a group of young youth selling. Injectors, encourages, misleads and even ambitious hustlers in my community I went and had a chat with at a length what they said drugs are part of them and they don’t find any harm in them since this are natural things and if there’s any chemical in them it’s only a preservative and even the food stuffs we use do have preservation. I tried so hard to put some sense in their heads but I found that a waste of time they even don’t see how bad there health deteriorated.

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In the generations we are many have engaged in drug abuse, most of them think by using them they benefit in one way or the other. I was one of them and I thought it was great till  I realized the great damage that they were to my health. I had to quit and as of now it really hurts to see my fellow youths waste their entire life on drugs. I am reformed now but I can assure you in the life of a drug addict no one cares and the police will be on your neck every single day.

There’s a club known as GAZA where a group of young people sell injectors and every form of illegal drugs. This misleads the others and they always see this as a way of coming out of poverty. I had a chat with some of them but they say it’s kind of hard to lead another life apart from the one that they are used to. To them its natural and they don’t find any harm in using the stuff. As of now, am hoping for a great miracle to help transform the society.



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My names is Deelareese   Agripina. I’m twenty two years of age. I was raised by a single mother and we are four in our family two brothers and two sisters, I being the last born. I currently live in Nairobi. I began schooling in the year of 1996 that was kindergarten after two years I joined primary school. I began standard one in 1998 and completed my primary in 2005.  I did well and so I joined form one in 2006 and struggled till I finished form four in 2009. From there I stayed for a whole year thinking of the next procedure in 2011 is when an opportunity for me to take a beauty course in Zelzah college of beauty and therapy opened up.  After eight months I was done and so I joined UNDUGU SOCIETY OF KENYA where am studying ICT and Digital Storytelling skills.

Time is money and wasted is never recovered during my free time I like reading books, travelling, dancing and making friends. In future life I would like to be a computer engineer.

I admire Oprah Winfrey  she’s my lady everything  she does inspires me a lot from one blog I read  about her  she is an inspiration not to me but to many.

The world has changed and first become a global village but some people still refuse to adopt to change. I would like at least every member should contribute to change it can never came within a blink of an eye everyone should participate we are the solutions to our own crimes.

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